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From the far flung tundra of the North Pole and a close personal friend of The Big Guy, Ruby makes her debut in the Homeys family this year. Full of seasonal spirit, Ruby loves wrapping, tinsel and all things jolly, not to mention the cosy nights indoors by the fire. She does have an impish quality though and she’s the first to step up with a prezzie or two for her fellow Homeys. Some say that you can almost hear a distant jingle whenever Ruby walks into the room.






T-Shirt £20.00



RUDI £25.00


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you lot

Hi dan, i was given a pair of homeys for my birthday (march 2008, proper old school !!!) as a present from my other half after dropping a few hints. Just wanted to let you know that there still going strong, even a couple of my mates have got some now. Can you please let me know how to win one of your most excellent mugs as i know i would be the envy of all my pals if i pulled one of those badboys out at teatime !!!Send us your thoughts!

Homeys as featured on the Chris Moyles Radio One Show