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BEASLEY (9/10,11/12)

In the 1920’s, some kids would often spend the Winter at boarding school and a warm overcoat was needed for those chilly Winter days. Beasley was cut from that very cloth and still does a spiffing job of keeping things toasty today.




FLIP (11/12)


FLIP (11/12) £25.00

BARON (9/10,11/12)


BARON (9/10,11/12) £35.00


Available on the high street in these stores:

  • Tower Shoes
  • Schuh
  • Urban Surfer
  • Walktall
  • fyfo
  • Jacamo


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you lot

Really love the slippers - my husband is wearing his Homeys with great delight and my feet are feeling rather jealous, and cold!!! I saw the Homeys Hartz slippers for sale on and thought the description totally summed up what I wanted and needed. Then my husband decided to get in on the action too which lead us to the Homeys site. I’ve already recommended them to some friends.Send us your thoughts!

Homeys as featured on the Chris Moyles Radio One Show