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FREEZE (5/6)

This is a bad boy. Back in '89 Freeze was one of the main guys on the block. The cool slipper. He had a top crew and a team of Homeys. This dude knows the score, lived the streets, scanned every angle and knew the way to get the top slice. At the time Freeze and Turbo were Homeys. Slippers cut from the same cloth. If there was a deal going down, Turbo and Freeze were the boys to trust. Until Freeze’s sister popped up. She was hot, cool and exactly what Turbo was looking for. Freeze had an idea but he and his cool buddy were so tight he chose to ignore the flaring passions. Ozone, the top boy, saw it coming but let it play out. Although he and Boogaloo had been Homeys with both Freeze and Turbo, sometimes it's better for things to run their course. Freeze declared his love and Turbo was far from pleased. The resulting war rages on today. You're either Turbo or Freeze. These Homeys can't be in the same room or on the same feet but rest assured this battle is yet to be won. You're Freeze, you're Turbo, whichever way you roll these boys aint shiftin’ and you better make your alliance.




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Homeys as featured on the Chris Moyles Radio One Show