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KIDS ALICE (10/11)

Alice and T-Amo arrived together for the 2010 winter walkout. Pretty and pretty quiet to boot, Alice has a beautiful way about her. The way she carry's herself is something to behold and not one for idle gossip, this Homey likes nothing more than a roaring fire and a brew. She's happy in her own sole and although glad to be around the crew, likes her own company. A real homebody, Alice takes a lot of care with her home and has all the girly trappings to make her feel as comfy as she is with herself. Anyone who knows Alice can't say her name without a warm smile and this suits Alice just fine.





BOMBER £28.00



T-Shirt £20.00


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you lot

Oh Dan, please, please, please, (too lazy to grovel more than that) will you make a REALLY big size? My 15 year old has size 13 feet and feels left out because we all have our Homeys `and he doesn't. I suggested chopping his toes off but thought the blood might ruin the new slippers. Help!Send us your thoughts!

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