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Again we have another relative this year with Lola as she’s from the same stock as lovely old Dot. Apart from the seams though there’s little to compare. Bright, lively and ready to lounge, Lola has all the traits of a fun time gal. And we really can’t think of a colour she’s missing!




Available on the high street in these stores:

  • Topman
  • Schuh
  • Jelly
  • Walktall
  • fyfo
  • Jacamo


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you lot

My boyfriend has a pair of Homeys and everytime he goes to work i sneak and put them on and give my feet the comfort they deserve, then he returns and takes them off me(sad face); his brother and dad also have a pair and i’m getting my dad a pair for christmas too. I hope i’ve been a good girl this year and Santa gets me my very own pair so my feet can relish every moment of comfyness, Homeys you rock!!!Send us your thoughts!

Homeys as featured on the Chris Moyles Radio One Show