Ozone Kids – Black & White Kid’s Slippers


Ozone was the start, the beginning of the Homeys. He was the original Homeys, all the rest came after. He’s a good guy with a kind sole but lately things have started to change. Freeze and Turbo are getting out of feet most days and he’s getting sick of it. Add this to Break’s gambling and the stress between Boogaloo and Steady and Ozone has some serious problems.

Longing for the good old days where he and Boogaloo used to spend the days chilling and the nights kicking back, this game is changing and he’s feeling old. He’s still got a firm hold on the laces of the Homeys for now but how long until his authority is challenged? How long can he remain the leader of this rag tag group of Homeys?

Things may have changed for Ozone but he was a born leader and it’s what he does best.

  • Boy’s and Girl’s Black & White Fashion Slippers
  • Lining is 100% Polyester
  • Insole is Memory Foam
  • Sole is Thermo Plastic Resin